Italy is a great place to spend some time. Good Food, nice weather and many games to learn.

Eat Cook and Love is a cool place in Italy, in the countryside of Tuscany/Umbria. You can play and learn italian card games, you can paint, horse riding and learn how to cook italian original food. And Relax! Your stay will be set against a stunning backdrop of oak woods, vineyards and olive groves, enhanced by breathtaking sunsets. The luxury close-up one of the world’s best-known unspoiled landscapes, in a unique setting at an affordable price: this is the exclusive offer.

Mara, Your host in the place, will take care of you. You will discover places like Montepulciano, the amazing origin of super famous "Montepulciano" Red Wine, you will taste typical natural product like "Prosciutto" (ham) and much more.

Also cooking classes are designed to help *you prepare typical Italian dishes* – and Umbrian dishes in particular – easily and without fuss. You’ll find that as you learn to master the basic principles and choose the right ingredients, you’ll be able to give free rein to your imagination (an excellent seasoning for everything in life) and start to create your own delicious recipes.

*The key players in our courses – all conducted in English* – are our fresh natural ingredients, obviously only seasonal produce in line with our eco-lifestyle: discovering the wonders of nature, soaking up the atmosphere of a peaceful, unspoiled countryside, healthy eating and drinking, taking up a sport; slowing down the pace of daily life, in other words, without giving up its comforts.

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