Non-Culinary Uses Of Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is widely consumed all over the world. People enjoy the flavor as well as the health benefits of sweet potato. It is commonly found in winters but it is periodically available throughout the year. Sweet potatoes can be roasted and eaten, and can be boiled with a little salt and eaten. You can bake, grill or even cook to suit your taste. Moreover, it can also be use as vegetable, either with simple tempering or with little curry. These are the culinary uses of sweet potato. There are also non-culinary uses of sweet potato. Let’s find out the non-culinary uses of sweet potatoes in the given article.

When we consider about the non-culinary uses of sweet potato, the juice of red sweet potato is usually mixed with lime juice for making a dye for cloth in South America. Depending on the proportions of juices, different shades from pink, purple to black can be easily obtained. All the parts of the sweet potato plant are used for animal fodder. This is another non-culinary use of sweet potato.

As we move on further with the non-culinary use of sweet potato, we found out that several selections of this plant are also cultivated as ornamental plants for their attractive foliage. This includes the dark leafed cultivars ‘Blackie’ & Ace of Spades as well as the chartreuse foliaged ‘Margarita’. The species which is often referred to as wild sweet potato vine, man root or man-of-the-earth is not edible. However, it is generally planted as ornamental vine.

Apart from the above mentioned uses, there are also other non-culinary uses of sweet potato. This plant is also used in the industries for the production of starch & industrial alcohol. Companies in Taiwan also used sweet potatoes for making alcohol fuel. Besides this, sweet potatoes or camote are often found in Moche ceramics. These are mainly the non-culinary uses of sweet potatoes. As we know sweet potatoes also has many health and nutritional benefits, you can use sweet potato the way you like it and can find a new, healthy life.

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