Distribution And Diversity Of Sweet Potato

When we look into the history of sweet potato, it has its origin from Central America and it’s considered as one of the oldest vegetables known to man. In this article we will be discussing about the distribution and diversity of sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are now cultivated tropical and warm temperate regions wherever there is sufficient water to support their growth. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAQ) statistics, world production in 2004 was 127,000,000 tonnes. Read on to know more about the distribution and diversity of sweet potatoes.

As we further go on with the details on the distribution of sweet potato, the production of sweet potatoes is the largest in the countries or the places where sweet potato is the stable food. Papua New Guinea produces 550 kg per person per year, while Solomon Islands have a production of 160 kg per person, Burundi & Rwanda at 130 kg as well as Uganda at 100 kg per person per year. Regarding the diversity of sweet potato, the country of New Zealand also produces around 20,000 tonnes of sweet potatoes annually.

Considering about the distribution and diversity of sweet potato in United States, North Carolina produces 38.5% of the U.S production of sweet potatoes in 2007 and is the most leading state in the production of sweet potatoes. However, the states like California, Louisiana, & Mississippi also compete intimately one another in the production of sweet potatoes. In the year 2007, the state of California produced 23% of sweet potatoes, Louisiana around 15.9%, & Mississippi 19% of the U.S. total.

At present, Mississippi has around 150 farmers who are growing sweet potatoes on roughly 8,200 acres (33 km2). This contributes about 19 million dollars to the economy of the Mississippi. The most leading sweet potatoes producing countries in Mississippi includes Calhoun, Chickasaw, Pontotoc, Yalobusha and Panola. The National Sweet Potato Festival is held every year in the first week November in Vardaman, proclaiming itself as “The Sweet Potato Capital". Moreover the town of Benton, Kentuchy also celebrates the sweet potato annually with its Tater Day Festival on the first Monday of April.

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