How To Store Sweet Potato?

The actual season for fresh sweet potatoes is from October to January. However, they are available periodically throughout the year. Sweet potatoes are also available canned and frozen year round. One will find different varieties of sweet potatoes during their season. Here we will be discussing about how to select and store sweet potato. So let’s gather in brief how you can select and store sweet potatoes.

For storing sweet potato, one has to choose the one that are firm. When you are choose the sweet potato for storage be sure that you select the one that do not cracks on it, bruises or soft spots. You should avoid sweet potatoes that are displayed in the refrigerator section because cold temperature usually negatively changes their taste. This is the first simple step to do, when you think of storing sweet potatoes.

Generally you can store sweet potatoes in a cool and dark as well as well ventilated place. In such place you can keep fresh for up to 10 days. As a matter of fact, sweet potatoes should be kept away from the refrigerators in a cool, dry as well place with not above 60F, which would usually fit the characteristics of a root cellar. However, majority of the people generally do not have cellars, it is recommended too keep or store sweet potato loose.

Storing sweet potatoes in the dark, dry and cool as well as in ventilated place keep your sweet potatoes fresh for many days. It can usually last for three to four months. Store no longer than a month, but if you are storing sweet potatoes at room temperature, store more than a week. In fact plan to use it within a week. These are some few things to know about sweet potato storage. Remember, fresh sweet potatoes usually do not store well, except under ideal conditions, and bruised ones rapidly deteriorate.

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