Use Of Sweet Potato In Asia

China ranked highest in the production sweet potatoes in the world. In China around 100 varieties of sweet potatoes are grown. China is an Asian country; we will mainly talk about the consumption of sweet potato in Asia. In China, the yellow variety of the sweet potato are often baked in a big iron drum and usually sold as street food during winter. However, in Japan the purple colored sweet potato is normally consumed in comparison to other varieties. Read on to know more about the use of sweet potato in Asia.

Sweet potato is also one of the main cuisines of the people of Taiwan. In sweet potato greens are quite common in Taiwan, often boiled with sauteed usually served with a garlic as well as soy sauce mixture, or it is simply salted before serving. Talking further about the use of sweet potatoes in Asia, the Korean also uses sweet potatoes to produce dangmymeon. They also consumed boiled and steamed or roasted sometimes the young stems are eaten as namul. Boiled sweet potatoes are also quite a common way to eat sweet potato in Japan. These are just the simply way of consumption of Asian sweet potatoes.

In Asian country like Malaysia, sweet potato is normally cut into little cubes & usually cooked with yam as well as coconut milk for making a sweet dessert known as bubur caca. Another great way of cooking sweet potatoes by the people of Malaysia is deep frying slices of sweet potato in batter, and it’s generally served as a tea-time snack. Malaysian also eats boiled sweet potatoes. The leaves are generally stirred fried with garlic or with sambal belacon. This is how sweet potato in Asia i.e. in Malaysia is usually consumed.

In some regions of India sweet potatoes are normally eaten in religious fasts. However, sweet potatoes are also eaten otherwise too. Simple boiled of sweet potatoes are consumed by the Indian. However, in Phillippines, sweet potato is called as Camote, is an important crop and food for many poor inhabitants in the provinces. The leaves and shoots are eaten with salted shrimp paste "bagoong alamang" or fish sauce or salted fish for viand. This briefly reveals the consumption of sweet potato in Asia. Moreover, farming sweet potato in Asia has now increased as many of the Asian countries consumed sweet potato in greater amount.

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