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Sweet potato is considered to be one of the highly nutritious foods. Majority of the people enjoy the wonderful flavor and health benefits of sweet potato. This article will let you know everything about sweet potato. There are about 400 varieties of sweet potato and depending upon the variety, the skin and the flesh of the sweet potato may range from almost white through cream, yellow, orange, and pink to deep purple. However, white and yellow-orange flesh is most common. Read on to get more information on sweet potato.

More often sweet potato will be shaped similar to a potato, it short and blocky with rounded ends, while other times it will be longer with tapered ends. Going further with the details on sweet potato, the intensity of the yellow or the orange color of this root vegetable plant is mutually related to its beta-carotene content. However, the Purple-fleshed sweet potato naturally contains good amount anthocyanins and has the highest antioxidant activity in comparison to other varieties of sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes can be categorized into two different groups depending on the texture they have when they cooked – some are firm, dry & mealy, whereas others are soft & moist. In both kinds, the taste is starchy and sweet. However, different varieties of sweet potato have different unique tastes. Sweet potato information further reveals that the moist-fleshed, orange-colored root vegetable that is often known as a "yam" is actually a sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A and C, and both these vitamins are effective antioxidants that actually work in our body in removing free radicals. It is actually a good food for those who does heavy muscular works since the food is rich in vitamins and minerals. Discovering further about sweet potato, this root vegetable is reasonably low in calories and comprises no fat. In fact, sweet potatoes are rich source of beta-carotene, potassium and vitamin A. Sweet potato is named differently in different languages and countries around the world.

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