Use Of Sweet Potato In North America

Sweet potatoes are generally consumed by the people in different parts of world. This food is consumed in Africa, Asia as well as in America. Some of the African counties that mainly consumed sweet potatoes include Guinea, Seirra, Leone & Liberia. People of the northeastern Uganda, East Africa also consumed sweet potatoes as their stable food. Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia and India also consumed sweet potatoes. In the following article we will be mainly discussing about consumption of sweet potato in North America.

Considering the consumption of sweet potatoes in North America, this food is one of the main cuisines of the people of North America. Candied sweet potatoes which are one of the side dish of North America mainly consist of sweet potatoes. This dish is generally prepared or cooked with brown sugar, marshmallows, maple syrup along with molasses, orange juice as well as with marron glace or also other sweet ingredients. In America, this dish is often served on Thanksgiving. This dish usually represents the traditional American cooking when European American settlers arrived for the first time. This briefly shows main uses of North American sweet potatoes.

One of the traditional dishes in southern United States also includes sweet potato pie. In America, sweet potatoes are also fried in bacon edible fat and eaten or consumed with the bacon on toast. This food is also one of the traditional autumn breakfast foods taken or eaten in rural Kentucky. Taking further about the uses of sweet potato in North America, in restaurants, the baked sweet potatoes are also often provided as an alternative to baked potatoes.

People of North America also usually eat or take sweet potato fries. This food is usually prepared by julienned sweet potatoes & deep frying them, just like that of the French fried potatoes. In Dominican Republic, people usually enjoy taking sweet potatoes as their breakfast. Sweet potato butter is also cooked into a gourmet spread and people generally enjoy the wonderful flavor of sweet potatoes. Now farming sweet potato in North America has increased with the increasing consumption of sweet potato.

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